Besides the mission to create a professional working environment to encourage creations of our staff, we keep on focusing on behavior development for the whole seafood supply chain:

  • Responsible to farmers: Our suppliers must commit that they will not force farmers to sell them materials with cheap price; farmers should have income enough to take care of their children and to continue to invest in seafood supply. Thanks to that, we gradually contribute to social and public responsibility.
  • Responsible to partners: We always put ourselves in partners’ shoes to understand that we must do an honest and serious business for the long time business relationship; to make sure that our partners will work with professional and responsible service provider to have products they need with most reasonable price.
  • Responsible with consumers: The priority of doing business is to have benefits by making life better. We keep on trying our best for consumers to have nice and warm meal by making sure that they will receive fresh and high quality products good for their health.


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