• Inspection

  • Gross Weight Checking

  • Net Weight Checking

  • Cold Storage

  • Loading Supervision

Meksea Inspection Services

Mekong Seafood Connection Co. has the honor of providing you with our independent inspection service for seafood of all kinds including Pangasius, Shrimp, Tilapia, Squid, Octopus, Tuna and other Seafood. We completely cover the inspection at three different stages namely Pre-shipment inspection, Loading supervision andInspection during the whole production.

The inspection shall be strictly carried out based on basic standards of each item:

· Appearance: General Appearance – Color – Smell – Taste – Texture – Shape – Uniformity

· Weight: Gross weight – Package weight – Net weight included glazing– Drained net weight

· Glazing: Glazing percent as the agreement – Protection glazing - Glazing percent exceed

· Count: Number of pieces per packaging unit – Weight of each piece

· Packing: Dimension – Information – Color – Quality

· Sensory Testing: By hand – Smell – Taste – Cook and try samples

· Defects: Under size – Over size – Broken – Mushy – Damaged – Foreign Matter, etc.

In addition, we can inspect the products according to your own specific requirements for each kind of product and the market you are aiming at.

Our Quality Control Specialists, who are considered among the best ones in Vietnam, have been carefully trained and gained more than 10 years’ experience in the field of seafood. Furthermore, they all used to hold important positions in world leading inspection companies such as Intertek, SGS, etc., which should convince you of their specialized knowledge and skills.

Our specialists will be your representatives in Vietnam working directly with manufacturers in order to ensure that your products are exactly produced according to your requirements. Afterwards, we shall send you an inspection report along with detailed pictures including all the information you need to know about the consignment. Finally, a letter of guarantee shall be issued guaranteeing the results of each consignment we have inspected.